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Types of contact debt collectors can have with your family

Dealing with debt collectors can be stressful beyond measure. For example, collectors may be calling your spouse or other family members.

This may not seem legal, but in some cases, it is.

Limited contact with family members

Texas law restricts the communications debt collectors can have with your family members. They can discuss your debt only with you and your spouse. They cannot disclose details about your debt to other family members, such as parents, siblings or children.

While debt collectors cannot discuss your debt with your family members, they can contact them for the sole purpose of obtaining your contact information. In other words, collectors unable to reach you directly may get in touch with family members to obtain your current address or phone number.

Single contact attempt

Debt collectors typically may contact a family member once. After making initial contact, they cannot repeatedly reach out to your family members regarding your debt. This provision is in place to protect the privacy and peace of mind of both you and your family members.


There are exceptions to these rules in certain circumstances. For example, if you gave explicit consent for a debt collector to discuss your debt with a family member, the collector may do so. Additionally, if a debt collector obtains a court order authorizing them to contact your family members, they may be able to do so within the scope of that order.

By being aware of these regulations, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from unwanted communication. You can also protect your privacy during the debt collection process.


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