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Bankruptcy Can Be A Solution To Overwhelming Medical Debt

A medical emergency is almost always unexpected and something that is very difficult to financially plan for. Even if you have health insurance, a devastating diagnosis or even an out-of-network ambulance ride can result in tens of thousands of dollars in debt. It’s little wonder that medical debt is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy in the United States.

This is something we see all the time at the law firm of William H. Lively, Jr. WHL, PLLC. Almost every bankruptcy case we handle involves some amount of medical debt. This is an unfortunate reality, as people are not only coping with a medical issue or its aftermath, but also with a stressful debt problem. The reassuring news is that there is a solution. When you contact our firm, we can discuss whether bankruptcy would be an appropriate remedy to help you find relief.

For a free consultation, please call us in Tyler at 903-920-0008 or complete our contact form. We are the premier bankruptcy law firm serving all of East Texas.

Medical Debt Can Typically Be Discharged In Bankruptcy

The two most common types of consumer bankruptcy are Chapter 13, which focuses on reorganizing and repaying debt, and Chapter 7, which focuses on discharging (legally forgiving) debts. Not all types of debt are dischargeable. However, medical bills are considered “unsecured debt” (not backed by collateral), and they typically can be discharged.

If you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy (based on income and other factors), our firm can help you wipe out medical debt and other unsecured debts permanently in a matter of months. Even if you don’t qualify for Chapter 7, we can help you reorganize medical debt into a manageable repayment plan in Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

By filing for bankruptcy, we can also help you immediately stop creditor harassment and pause foreclosure and other collection-related activities.

Get Started On The Road To Financial Recovery With A Free Consultation

You don’t have to keep enduring the stress that comes with heavy medical debt. Let us help you get the bankruptcy relief you need for a fresh start. The law firm of William H. Lively, Jr. WHL, PLLC, is one of the leading bankruptcy firms in East Texas. To schedule your free consultation, call our office in Tyler at 903-920-0008, or complete our contact form.

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