Your Financial Stress Can End Now

Getting a fresh start through bankruptcy

Over the last 15 years or so, many Texas residents have most likely gone through quite a few “ups and downs,” particularly when it comes to personal finances. From a housing market collapse to a so-called “Great Recession” to a skyrocketing stock market and, finally, now to the current uncertainty that clouds the future for all of us. Some people are better prepared to face these changes than others. However, many people are always in a constant state of “just getting by.” For Texas residents in that type of situation, debt problems may be a primary financial concern.

Most people have some form of debt. Mortgages, car loans, student loans and credit card debt are part of the daily lives of millions of Americans, including millions in Texas. However, unexpected circumstances could force some people into a position in which their debt obligations simply become unsustainable. When this happens, most people start to look for options.

Bankruptcy is one such option. It is an option that can offer Texas residents a fresh start, financially speaking. By pursuing a bankruptcy filing, particularly a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, Texas residents may be able to “wipe the slate clean” when it comes to their debt obligations. Although not all debts may qualify – student loan debts are especially tricky – the amount of debt that can be discharged in a bankruptcy filing can lead to new, firmer ground for an individual or family in Texas.

At our law firm, we work with people in Texas who are facing uncertainty these days, but especially those who are facing uncertain financial circumstances. We do our best to help our clients navigate the steps in the bankruptcy process to get to a fresh start. For more information, please visit the bankruptcy overview section of our law firm’s website.


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