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Does bankruptcy impact child support?

If you owe child support and plan on filing for bankruptcy, it is essential to assess your options and the different ways that bankruptcy could impact your child support case. Regardless of the financial problems in front of you, it is pivotal to do everything in your power to stay current on child support. In some instances, bankruptcy can make it easier to make support payments.

If you face financial challenges and cannot pay the debt you owe, bankruptcy could help you move toward a fresh financial future. However, you must understand your financial obligations with respect to child support.

Bankruptcy does not clear back child support

The Attorney General of Texas states that your child support obligations stay in place even if you file for bankruptcy. If you have back child support, you cannot erase these obligations via bankruptcy. In addition, if you do not pay child support during your bankruptcy, this could negatively impact your bankruptcy.

Filing for bankruptcy as a parent who owes child support

The Attorney General notes that after filing a bankruptcy petition as a parent who owes support, it is crucial for you to inform the Child Support Division promptly. Depending on your individual circumstances, you could have the opportunity to modify your child support order and reduce the amount of support that you have to pay.

If you move forward with bankruptcy, you will have to go over the unique details of your financial situation to determine if filing a petition could affect your child support case.


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