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How do you keep yourself from going back into credit card debt?

Credit card debt is one of the most common forms of debt in America. Many people end up falling into it and having to file for bankruptcy to get back out.

What can you do to keep yourself from falling into credit card debt after you find your way out of it?

Treat your credit like debit

Forbes talks about different ways to avoid credit card debt, especially as interest rates rise. Generally speaking, you can do this most efficiently by changing how you view a credit card.

First, take steps to treat your credit card like a debit card instead. Many people try to borrow money that they cannot pay back, rather than simply utilizing it as a different way to pay with money they already have.

Treating it like a debit card ensures that you will always be able to pay off your bill on time and in full. These are the two most important things you can do to maintain your credit score and stay out of the red.

Focus on paying your bills properly

Paying your bill in full and on time also helps you avoid interest fees, which is one of the top reasons people end up going into debt. Because they cannot pay off the original cost in full, they put it off, and end up dealing with hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in interest alone as their debts begin to stack.

Finally, try not to rely on your credit card as much as you may have in the past. This is another great way to avoid debt. Instead, try visualizing your money with cash, which can help you cut back on overspending.


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