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End of eviction moratorium detrimental for renters

A recent overruling of Biden’s eviction moratorium will impact renters across the nation including numerous Texas families. Without the federal assistance that many residents have relied on for the last year, an uptick in evictions is probable.

While many families scramble to secure alternatives, landlords are moving quickly to reestablish regulations. Without any federal restrictions preventing landlords from enforcing rules, renters may have no choice but to comply.

A community hardship

Initially implemented by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the eviction moratorium protected an estimated 90% of renters from eviction. The ruling required landlords to temporarily suspend their policies in exchange for a much more flexible approach to handling past-due residents. While the moratorium prevented many families from ending up on the streets, it caused hardship and frustration for many landlords.

With the closure of the moratorium, landlords celebrate the return of their control, but at the detriment of many of their residents who cannot afford to pay rent. While the federal government does have provisions in place to distribute to struggling renters, many families have yet to see such assistance. Local and state governments have encouraged landlords to continue working with their residents, including providing information about rent assistance programs.

A new plan

Going forward, renters can determine if rent assistance will provide the resources needed to maintain their residence. Some families may also choose to collaborate with their landlords to negotiate alternative agreements until they have the resources to catch up on past-due payments.

Filing for bankruptcy is another option people have. Ridding most of their debts may enable families to find enough money to make rent payments. People should continue to watch for emergency rent relief funds to come from the government during this unprecedented time.

Source: The New York Times, “Supreme Court Ends Biden’s Eviction Moratorium,” Aug. 26, 2021


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