Your Financial Stress Can End Now

Signs it might be time to file bankruptcy

If you have recently lost a job or a source of income or fallen so far behind on your bills that getting caught up seems impossible, you are not alone. Debt is an unfortunate challenge in many people’s lives, regardless of socioeconomic status.

It is not easy to consider filing for bankruptcy. Nor is it something you should put off because of misinformation or fear. Here are some signs that bankruptcy is the solution you need to overcome the financial stress, guilt and debt in your life.

Constant creditor harassment

When your bills become late, your creditors will call, send mail and try to contact you any way they can to receive payment. Ignoring them is not going to stop them from contacting you. Even though it seems unpleasant, talking to them can provide you with access to resources you did not know were available to help you get caught up. Most creditors are aware of the challenges that can make it challenging for people to honor their obligations and offer flexible payment terms and programs to help them get back on track.

Spending more than you can comfortably afford

With the cost of living continuing to outpace many salaries, it might seem impossible for you to live comfortably without spending more than you can afford. Having to rely on your credit cards and racking up debt every month just so you can make ends meet is a recipe for financial ruin. Also, debt accrues interest and other charges which can quickly spiral out of your ability to manage.

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