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Due to misconceptions, you may not realize just how much filing bankruptcy could change your life.

Bankruptcy Could Be A Life Changer

Few people know the extent of the benefits bankruptcy can have on their lives. If you are reluctant to file, know that bankruptcy can be the key to rebuilding your finances, and many others have found relief in this process.

The law firm of William H. Lively, Jr. WHL, PLLC, is a respected Texas firm that exclusively handles bankruptcy. Because of our exclusive focus on this area, our attorney and legal team are incredibly knowledgeable and well-researched on various types of bankruptcy, as well as which types will best suit our clients.

Helping Texans Find Financial Options Through Bankruptcy

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Do Not Stress Over The Cost Of An Attorney

When you are already anxious about debt and credit payments, the thought of hiring an attorney may add to your stress. We fully understand this concern, which is why we offer payment plans for our clients. We will work out a plan based on your situation. Having a lawyer for this process is highly important and we want that option to be available to everyone.

We also offer free initial consultations. Before we proceed further, attorney Bill Lively will meet with you to better understand your situation before explaining the options that may benefit you most. There is no obligation to continue after your consultation, so we encourage you to call and learn more.

Start Discussing Your Options

This is not an easy time for you and we respect that. We communicate with our clients throughout their process to quell any concerns they may have. To schedule a free consultation at our Tyler office, please reach out to us online or call us at 903-920-0008.

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